Get Involved

Greater Love Choir

The Greater Love Choir is the chorus of the First Love Centre. Widely regarded as one of our church’s finest groups, we perform regularly on Sundays and produce other world-class concerts at major venues and events throughout the year. Our standards are high, but it’s not all hard work – we’re a very friendly and relaxed choir, enjoying not only the singing but a bit of socialising too. We’d love to have you join us!

The Film Stars

At the First Love Centre we have our very own Hollywood themed film stars. They are a theatre and drama creative community that has been entertaining audiences with musicals and cabarets in each of our services and across our city. The troupe puts on at least three major musical theatre productions a year. Our members range in ages and come from all walks of life - current members include teachers, bankers, directors, web designers, librarians, managers, event organisers and students! But we all share one thing: a passion for Jesus and a love for theatre.

The Dancing Stars

First Love’s very own dance company! The team produces creative dance experiences for the people of First Love Church. We produce inspirational dance projects and events, and nurture the next generation of artists, growing one of the most diverse and vibrant dance communities in the city. From large-scale productions to intimate Sunday service encounters we encourage people to create and experience dance differently. Anyone can join, we’ll help you fit right in!

The Ushers

Ever consider ushering? It is a meaningful way to participate in the worship service and get to know people in the congregation. It takes only a little extra time on Sundays, and you can help with seating, order and logistics. We pride ourselves on being a welcoming and encouraging group and anyone can be involved with the ushers. We’re a sociable bunch and many people have met life-long friends (and quite a few partners) in our group.


Our Flowers personally welcome everyone that walks into our church with a warm greeting and making them feel accepted with a smile and by offering whatever assistance is needed. We only get one chance to make a first impression. At First Love Center, we believe one of the best ways to impact people’s lives and grow as a follower of Christ at the same time is to serve others in practical ways. Serving with the Flowers is also a great way to meet new people and build meaningful relationships with others on your team as well as those you serve each week.

Communion Servers

Communion is a very powerful and spiritual experience which was initiated by Christ himself. With thousands of people in attendance, we need as many hands as we can get to help serve communion to all our congregants. We both make and serve our own communion under healthy and hygienic conditions. It’s a fun way to integrate in church and to have that great opportunity to serve the Lord and his church. We can’t wait for you to join us!

Culinary Stars

At the First Love Church we have our very own well trained and amazing culinary stars who provide the church with tasty meals and cold drinks to keep our members smiling. As Christians who are growing in the Lord it’s important to feed our spirits but don’t let the stomachs growl! The best part is that everyone can join can join. It’s a great way to learn to cook new dishes, to gril or to bake. Join the chefs of the First Love Center today!

Arrivals Team

Our Arrivals Team Members are on the front lines of the welcoming job and they offer the first smile and wave to everyone that arrives by bus into the center. They help create a fun and friendly environment while at the same time helping direct all incoming and exiting bus traffic. With hundreds of buses in attendance, this is a fun and involving job!


The Fragrance team here at the First Love Centre is considered to be a very important area of service. When we consider that the purpose of any ministry is to bring glory and honor to God, we give Him our best. We want our church to be a blessing to God and to all who worship here. Fragance is our cleaning ministry, and it ensures that our church is clean, organized, and welcoming. Serving on this ministry team is an opportunity to fellowship with others as well as with the Lord.

Still Photography

Pictures help capture memorable moments that happen in our lives. At the First Love Center, our attentive photographers capture every powerful moment. From our prophet Bishop Dag Heward-Mills, to the vast crowds that troop in every Sunday, the various happenings on stage and most importantly, the special moments when people give their hearts to Jesus. Our camera guys are there to capture every instance. They do it and you can do it too. Join them at the First Love Centre!

Sound, Lights and Projection

The Sound and Technical Ministry at the First Love Centre is a support ministry that facilitates reaching the lost by providing excellence in sound, lighting and video. We welcome novices and train people who have no background in tech. Feel free to join us this and every Sunday!


First Love Centre reaches out to our members with our caring Telepastoring Ministry. This ministry is an important link between the pastors and the people of our congregation. It is an opportunity for the telepastors to make a link of Christian care and concern between the leadership and each member. Those called will receive a message from the pastors, be asked if they have any prayer concerns they wish relayed to the pastors, and then pray a short prayer. We also encourage people to come to church and to keep the faith! Join the Telepastors today!