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Dag Heward-Mills

Dag Heward-Mills is the founder of the United Denominations Originating from the Lighthouse Group of Churches. Spanning ten denominations, he oversees over 3000 churches on every continent of the globe. Amongst these denominations is the First Love Church.

He is also a prolific author, with the best selling Makarios collection of 60 books. His writings have been translated into over 20 languages all over the world.

Dag Heward-Mills’ Healing Jesus Campaigns hold large evangelistic crusades all over Africa and are among the largest evangelistic efforts on the continent.

Dag can be heard or watched ministering to millions on various television, radio and internet platforms.

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Dag Heward-Mills

The FirstLove Center, Ayeduase

We believe in Jesus, Soul winning and working for the Lord all day long.

In 2012, our founder Bishop Dag Heward-Mills was led by the Holy Spirit to begin a new denomination which he called the First Love Church. In a small chapel on the University of Ghana, Legon Campus, he gathered a few students and began a small church.

A few years later, God has increased us into one of the largest churches in our city. With over 10,000 members and in our new state of the art auditorium, we are even more determined to see the name of Jesus lifted in the city of Accra.

Today, thousands of young people gather at our services because we believe that everyone is welcome into the house of God. In a place where soul-winning is our passion, we have seen countless lives changed, saved and renewed in our church.

Join us for a life changing encounter with the Word of God, Worship and the Holy Spirit. A Sunday at the First Love Center is more than just a church service, it’s an experience!

Dr. Joy-Philippe Bruce
Episcopal Sister
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A Soul Is A Soul

A soul is a soul and is PRECIOUS to God!

Propose To Me

An album for lovers, loveables, and love things!

Take My Life

Re-consecrate your life to God with this heart-stirring Aida classic!

The More I Seek You

Call unto me and I will answer thee! This album will create a great atmosphere for seeking the Lord.

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Conferences & Events

Championing the cause of local churches everywhere


A gathering of Accra based churches founded by Bishop Dag Heward-Mills.
Date: 19th April, 2019
Venue: Independence Square, Accra, Ghana
Time: 3:00pm


Join thousands of young people across the City of Accra in their search for Jesus.
Date: 12th May, 2019
Venue: First Love Centre, Accra, Ghana
Time: 11:00am


Come Join award winning judges as we search for Accra’s Dance Hall King.
Date: 28th June 2019
Venue: First Love Centre, Accra, Ghana
Time: 6:00pm


An international gathering of First lovers from over 30 countries and six continents.
Date: 30th July 2019
Venue: Anagkazo Bible School, Mampong, Ghana
Time: 8:00pm

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